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Accessories & Tuners

As simple as a tuner, or as useful as a Powerjack™.

Our line of accessories is designed to the same professional standards of sound quality and performance as all Fishman products.


Universal Rechargeable Battery Pack

Rechargeable Battery Pack for Strat®

Rechargeable Battery Pack For Les Paul®

FT-20 Chromatic Digital Color Tuner

FT-2 Digital Chromatic Tuner

The Fishman FT-2 digital chromatic tuner provides quick and accurate tuning for most instruments with a simple flip.

910 Power Supply

SA Expand Channel Expander/Mixer

SA Sub

SA Deluxe Carry Bag

SA Sub-Mounted Stand Kit

Loudbox Mini/Mini Charge Deluxe Carry Bag

The Fishman Loudbox Mini / Mini Charge Deluxe Carry Bag fits either Loudbox Mini or Loudbox Mini Charge amps. Pack up & protect your Loudbox Mini or Loudbox Mini Charge amps and more. Shoulder straps, two accessory pouches, and rugged feet.

Loudbox Dual Foot Switch

Remote Channel and FX Muting Switch for Loudbox Amplifiers.

Loudbox Mini Charge Wall Charger

Additional wall chargers can be purchased for replacement or international travel.

Loudbox Mini Charge 12V Car Charger


The Powerchip makes it possible to mix the signal from your Powerbridge with the magnetic pickups already in your guitar.

Powerjack Onboard Preamp

The Powerjack is a miniature onboard preamp built into an endpin jack.

Switchjack Stereo Switching Endpin Jack

The Switchjack TRSS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve/Switch) Stereo Switching Endpin Jack allows simultaneous stereo operation and battery switching.