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Phase Inverter
Phase Inverter
Phase Inverter

For years, the sound of two pickups out of phase has been a staple tone for guitar players and offers a distinctive sound. For this reason, many players want it available on a switch so they engage it when desired. Because the out of phase sound is so sensitive to the pickup levels and balance, we’ve included a trim pot for the phase inverted pickup that’s capable of lowering the volume or raising it above unity gain so that you can preset the exact sound.


There are also players who want to combine different brands of pickups that are naturally out of phase, but the player wishes they were in phase. This can be used to correct that, allowing the pickups to be blended in phase.

Phase Inverter
  • Adjustable phase inverter for low impedance pickups.
  • Conveniently mounted to a push-pull pot for easy on/off. 
  • Usable on any and all Fluence products


In the bag:


  • Phase Inverter Push-Pull Pot
  • .47uF Capacitor(s) for use as a tone knob
  • Installation Guide

Check your existing pot shafts and knobs before you order!

Fishman offers 4 variations of this product with different dimensions and configurations – make sure you order the proper one for your instrument!

Most press-on knobs are made to fit a coarse 18-tooth knurled shaft potentiometer. Some Gibson-style knobs are available in both coarse 18-spline and fine 24-spline. If you currently have 24-spline knobs you may need replacement knobs designed for 18-spline shafts. For many screw-tightening knobs, the 6mm solid (plain) shaft is the correct option. If you are unsure of which pot you are replacing, please research and confirm before you order.



18-tooth knurled shaft potentiometer, 8mm bushing


18-tooth knurled shaft potentiometer, 3/8" bushing


Plain shaft potentiometer, 3/8" bushing


18-tooth knurled shaft potentiometer, 3/4" bushing


Phase Inverter Push-Pull Pot, Installation Guide