Fishman | Trademark and Patent Notice
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Last updated April 2023

All contents of this website are Copyright ©2023 Fishman Transducers, Inc., Andover, Massachusetts. All rights reserved.



The products referenced herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fishman Transducers, Inc., Andover, Massachusetts: Fishman, Fluence, AFX, TriplePlay, TriplePlay Connect, Aura, SA330x, Loudbox, Loudbox Mini Charge, Loudbox Artist, Loudbox Performer, Platinum, Ellipse, Acoustic Matrix, Neo-D, Rare Earth Blend, BP-100, and Full Circle.



The products referred to within this website site are protected by one or more of the following U.S. and European patents: 6278059B1, 6429367B2, 6677514B2, 6239349B1, 7247789B2, 6448488B1, EP1 1145219B1, 1145219, 60047420.8, US 9,280,964 B2, US 9,460,695 B2, US 9,355,630 B2, US 9,679,550 B2, US 9,384,722 B2, US 9,786,260 B2, US 9,685,148 B2, US 10,210,853 B2, US D759,745 S, US D746,253 S, ZL201330505069.6, ZL201030628349.2, ZL200930088309.0, ZL201030628384.4. Other patents may also apply or be pending.