Closeup on an acoustic guitar being played
Angled view of FT20 Chromatic Digital Color Tuner

The FT-20 Color Chromatic Tuner provides quick and accurate tuning made possible by a high-quality, easyto-read color display. No fumbling for a power switch or accidentally setting unwanted modes. Simply clip it on, flip up the display and you’re ready to tune just about any instrument. Flip it back down after you’re done tuning and it automatically shuts off. Its beautiful, high-contrast, color display displays pitch with ±1 cent accuracy

front view of FT20 Chromatic Digital Color Tuner

The FT-20 is also incredibly lightweight—weighing only 21 grams—so it won’t affect your instrument’s tone. It’s also very low-profile, so you can leave it place while you’re playing. The custom, soft clip material has been thoroughly tested to be safe on most finishes.

FT-20 Flip-On Tuner features:

  • Bright, colorful display is easy to read
  • Flip it up to turn it on, flip it down to turn it off
  • Fully chromatic, automatically displays the note
  • Meter style “needle” display is accurate to +/-1 cent
  • Built-in clip-on sensor is safe for most finishes
  • Automatic power save shuts it off after 5 minutes
  • Includes one 2032 coin battery
side view of FT20 Chromatic Digital Color Tuner



Clip-on sensor


Chromatic 12-note


A4: 440Hz


A0 (27.5Hz) - C8 (4,186Hz)


2032 coin battery (included)


1.9” L x 1.7” W x 1.1” H (48 mm) x (44 mm) x (27 mm)


.74 oz (21 g)