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Onboard Preamps

Our line of onboard preamps offers a wide selection of features and price points. Convenient, total control at your fingertips.


The Presys+ Onboard Preamp System is designed to offer maximum control, performance and quality in a small, unobtrusive format.

Prefix Plus-T

The Prefix Plus-T features ultra-quiet electronics and Volume, Bass, Treble and semi-parametric Contour controls.

Prefix Pro Blend

This system packs features similar to the Prefix Plus series, on a smaller bezel that occupies 1/3 less space on the guitar — an excellent fit on slim-bodied acoustic-electrics.

Aura Pro Onboard Preamp System

With the success of Aura Imaging Technology, guitar manufacturers asked us to develop an Aura system that could be built into their top-tier acoustic-electric models.



The Powerchip makes it possible to mix the signal from your Powerbridge with the magnetic pickups already in your guitar.

Powerjack Onboard Preamp

The Powerjack is a miniature onboard preamp built into an endpin jack.