Beginners Guide: Pop & Funk Technique Acoustic Guitar!

Play Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” with this funky fingerpicking trick! You can apply Danielle’s easy “thumb, pluck, slap” technique to give a new, funky fingerstyle feel to many pop or cover songs you already know how to play.

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Fingerpicking Basics on Acoustic Guitar

2021 "Blues Act of the Year" Danielle Miraglia shows the basics of fingerstyle guitar playing with this simple right-hand pattern that is perfect for beginners. Using this simple technique you can make one guitar sound like two!

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Fingerpicking Basics: The Pinch Technique

With the “pinchie” technique, 2021 "Blues Act of the Year" Danielle Miraglia shows you how to take a simple fingerstyle picking pattern to the next level. This trick is a great way to easily add accented beats to your fingerpicking.

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Learning Guitar Chords & Scales

In this quick video Melanie Faye shows you the first steps to learning chords and the basics of major & minor scales! These key starting points will set you on the right path to get learning!

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