Beginners Guide: Fingerpicking Basics on Acoustic Guitar!

2021 “Blues Act of the Year” Danielle Miraglia shows the basics of fingerstyle guitar playing with this simple right-hand pattern that is perfect for beginners. Using this simple technique you can make one guitar sound like two!

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Learning Guitar Chords & Scales

In this quick video Melanie Faye shows you the first steps to learning chords and the basics of major & minor scales! These key starting points will set you on the right path to get learning!

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Major & Minor Chords

This is a quick overview of some chords you will want to know how to play. YouTuber and touring professional Melanie Faye shows you the standard shapes and approaches to some of the most common guitar chords, and also how they relate to each other!

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Getting Started: The Parts Of The Guitar & Tuning

Melanie Faye shows you all the parts of the guitar, how to hold your guitar, and most importantly how to tune! With these key starting points, you'll be set for success on your learning journey.

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