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Ellipse Aura Pickup & Preamp System

To create true-to-life sound, the Ellipse Aura combines our most sophisticated onboard preamp design with the power of Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology.

Ellipse Aura allows acoustic musicians to easily and accurately replicate the sound of their instrument, as mic’d in a professional studio. Players can load up to four Aura Images into this intuitive, discreetly mounted soundhole-mounted preamp. The ergonomic design of the Ellipse Aura puts slider controls at the player’s fingertips, helping to maintain a natural playing position.

The Ellipse Aura features Pickup/Image Blend, Volume and switchable Natural I and Natural II Low Frequency toneshaping, a Phase Switch and automatic Anti-Feedback control.

Specifications & Support

PICKUP LENGTH:Standard pickup length of 2.65
SOUNDHOLE:Accommodates most round soundholes from 3-7/8
State-of-the-art onboard preamp featuring Fishman’s Aura Acoustic Imaging TechnologySolder-free connections
Up to four Aura Images can be downloaded from Fishman’s Aura Image Gallery software (included)Switchable low-frequency tone-shaping built into preamp
Ergonomic soundhole-mounted design puts slider controls at your fingertips to maintain a natural playing positionPickup available in wide, narrow or split formats
Features the world’s best-selling undersaddle pickup, the Acoustic MatrixProfessional installation recommended
Automatic anti-feedback
Pickup/Image Blend control
Volume control
Phase switch (feedback control)
Low battery indicator
Unique patent-pending neodymium magnetic mounting system for easy, solder-free installation