Brandon ^Davis

Brandon Davis

Hey guys! My name is Brandon Davis and I am a 28 year old, father of 4 living in Chattanooga, TN. I started singing at an early age, and began writing songs and playing guitar in high school. Looking back, I always dreamed of pursuing music but it always seemed so out of reach that I never just went for it. However, in 2019 I was hit head on by a distracted driver and could have very well lost my life. As a dad of three at the time with one on the way, it really made me evaluate how short life was. I thought to myself, “How can I teach my children to chase their own dreams if I don’t chase mine?” This thought weighed heavy on me for a few months but the opportunity never seemed to be there. Now those of you that have had the privilege of meeting my wife know that she is a very determined individual that does not wait for opportunities, she just makes things happen. After seeing a few artists on Tiktok, she insisted I sing while we were headed home from Dollywood on Father’s Day and she posted it to Tiktok. Before I knew it, she had Tiktok and Instagram accounts full of people asking to hear my original music and so my music career began. I’m blessed to be doing what I love with the support of people like you! Thanks so much for being here and being a part of the BD Brigade.


I’ve trusted Fishman gear for a long time. My main instrument has always been an acoustic guitar and I haven’t found a pickup that’s been as good of quality or as durable as Fishman’s. So now I turn to them for all my acoustic accessories from pickups to preamps and beyond. Truth is, I can always count on Fishman.