Worship Musician Review: Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

Worship Musician Review: Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

Let’s start at the end… Doug Doppler, Worship Musician magazine’s gear and tech editor closes his review of the new Loudbox Mini Charge with this comment, “If you or one of the acoustic players on your team is in the market for a new amp, this one is a keeper!”

Every magazine has a point of view and the “POV” at Worship Musician is consistent performance – how a product stacks up live and up close. By definition, the Loudbox Mini Charge is made to perform. Whether it’s on a remote stage, at a retreat, communing with Bambi, on the bus, or wherever your music takes you… Have Charge Will Travel™.

In his review, Doug mentions that the “Loudbox Mini Charge won the 2018 “NAMMY” Awards for the acoustic amp category,” and how, “having had the chance to play it this past Sunday, I can tell you that it exceeded my expectations and delivers the kind of functionality that makes it perfect for practice, mid-week rehearsals, and Sunday morning!”

The review covers all the performance features of the Loudbox Mini stating that, “the Charge retains all the features I’ve grown to love about the original Mini – with two new very exciting additions… Battery Power… you’ll appreciate the fact that the Charge provides up to 12 hours of playback at average volume – without having to do anything other than plug in your guitar and mic.” And regarding Bluetooth… “Being able to pair your mobile device with your acoustic amp for playing is great for rehearsal, be it alone or with your team. And yes, you could also use this feature for pads!”

In closing, Doug wraps it up with this; “…With the Low, Mid, and High controls set flat at high noon, and a spot of Reverb combined with just a hint of Chorus, I was instantly reminded why the original Loudbox Mini is the best-selling acoustic amp in the US – [The Loudbox Mini Charge] sounds great out of the box…”

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