Now Available: All-New Matrix Infinity VT and Matrix Infinity Mic Blend

Now Available: All-New Matrix Infinity VT and Matrix Infinity Mic Blend

Fishman is now shipping the latest generation of its award-winning, flagship pickup series, the Matrix Infinity.

The all-new Matrix Infinity VT and Matrix Infinity Mic Blend feature updated electronics designed to offer players easily accessible performance voicing functions as well as an overall sound optimized for modern acoustic amplification and sound reinforcement systems.

The Matrix Infinity Mic Blend adds a blendable cardioid condenser mic for increased “air” and a more tactile tone. Both pickup systems are housed in newly designed modules that are fully enclosed and hidden away from view, while still being “finger-tip” accessible to players during performances.

“Over the years there’s been a lot of changes to the actual amplifiers and PA systems that players plug in to,” says Larry Fishman, President and chief designer. “Time was, if a player had a small-body guitar and fingerpicked, or a dreadnaught and hammered away, these extremes in playing styles and their effect on the amplifiers needed to be anticipated in the pickup system’s design. There was a lot of ground to cover. The current state of the art in amplification is such that we could take a good amplifier for granted, and open up the sound in the electronics a bit more, and add updated performance features.”

Like Matrix pickup systems before, the Matrix Infinity VT and Matrix Infinity Mic Blend have an onboard voicing switch, which is now easily accessible in the guitar’s soundhole along with the Volume and Tone controls.

“We’re approaching them as performance ‘presets,’” Fishman Product Manager Joe Barbieri points out. “If you have a small-body guitar, but like to play hard with a pick, you may want to set it in the Flat position. Or if you’re fingerpicking on the same guitar, you can flick the switch over to the Bass Boost position.”

“Now with this much control literally at the player’s fingertips, all of these situations are covered. These are nice, with subtle but very real improvements to our classic pickup system.”

The Fishman Matrix Infinity VT and Matrix Infinity Mic Blend are available through Fishman dealers and certified installers, and like their predecessors, they are also featured as original equipment in fine instruments worldwide. Each model is offered in narrow, wide, split and ukulele pickup formats, as well as special order custom lengths.

Click here to learn more about the all-new Matrix Series.

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