New Open Core Classic Humbuckers Added to Fluence Line

New Open Core Classic Humbuckers Added to Fluence Line

Since the first guitarist grabbed a screwdriver and popped the cover off a humbucker, players have craved the look and sound of coverless pickups. The new Fluence Open Core Classic Humbuckers further refine the coverless humbucker idea by exposing their Fluence Core––the heart of Fluence tone.

Fluence Open Core Classic Humbuckers also feature a new new “Voice 3 Single Coil” that replicates the glassy punch of a great single coil pickup. Wound humbuckers, when “split” to create a single coil sound, can be weak and unconvincing. The new Voice 3 is a truly authentic single coil tone that only Fluence technology can deliver. Similar to the HF Tilt and other Fluence Multi-Voice functions, Voice 3 is switchable or set-and-forget.

Unlike traditional wire-wound designs, Fluence pickups deliver the classic humbucker sound without noise or inductance issues allowing for long-run cables, near-silent operation, no loss of high end when using the volume control and more.

Fluence Open Core Classic Humbucker Pickups are available as 6, 7 and 8-string with Black, White, Zebra and Reverse Zebra finish. Click here to learn more.

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