New at NAMM: Fluence Signature Sets for Tosin Abasi, Will Adler, and Killswitch Engage

New at NAMM: Fluence Signature Sets for Tosin Abasi, Will Adler, and Killswitch Engage

Progressive metal visionary Tosin Abasi has mastered a wide range of musical styles and techniques, so it comes as no surprise that his Signature Series pickups feature the most diverse mix of tones ever packed into any Fluence set. Always on the cutting edge, Tosin’s tones defy convention and it took Fluence to unlock the three voices previously stuck in his creative imagination.


For over 20 years, Will Adler’s solid rhythm tone has been the backbone of heavy metal band Lamb of God. Therefore, it took something totally new and significant for Will to make a change in his setup. Fluence has proven itself to be the only technology capable of seamlessly integrating the time honored passive tones that Will is known for with a modern, active attack in the same pickup set.


Guitarists Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel from American metalcore band Killswitch Engage create music with tones that span the cleanest of cleans to aggressive melodic metal. To achieve this broad palette in the studio, they’ve used a wide variety of active and passive equipped guitars. Unfortunately this has presented its own set of challenges in live performances. Now, with Fluence technology, Adam & Joel have one set of pickups with 3 voices that does it all.

killswitch-engage_adam  killswitch-engage_joel-stroetzel

In addition to these new Signature Series pickup sets, Fishman is now also offering a Fluence HSS and HSH configuration that offers all of the benefits of Fluence Multi-Voice Pickups while achieving a wide range of new sounds.

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