Fret-King Introduces New Fluence Series Guitars at NAMM

Fret-King Introduces New Fluence Series Guitars at NAMM

Combining the detail of British design aesthetic, with the cutting edge of US technology, the new Fret-King Fluence Series guitars make for a truly special relationship between Fret-King guitars and Fishman USA.

Available in three of the most popular Fret-King models, all fitted with Fishman’s groundbreaking Fluence pickups – which are based on the most iconic pickup designs of the last 80 years – with the additional advantage of optional voicing at the flick of the switch and free of the noise and interference problems of typical pickups. These new guitars offer the modern guitarist a whole range of classic tones all wrapped in incredibly playable and responsive package.

The Fret-King Corona Fluence FKV6F-OCB gives a 21st century makeover without losing any of the nuances that this classic guitar style is revered for. Using a centre joined two-piece American Alder body and mating it to a Canadian Hard-Rock Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard, the Corona has a solid base on which to build its tonal palette. The Wilkinson WV6SB Bridge and Wilkinson E-Z Lok machine heads provide superb sustain and unparalleled tuning stability, making the set of three Fishman Fluence Single Width pickups and its built-in rechargeable battery pack the icing on the cake for this magnificent instrument. The push/pull tone control, gives the player the ability to switch instantly from a classic true single coil output, to an overwound, steroid-infused monster tone, all without the noise and buzz of the dreaded 60 cycle hum that can sometimes plague the standard pickup design. Finished in a traditional Original Classic Burst, the Fret-King Corona Fluence looks as good as it sounds and plays.


The Butterscotch finished Fret-King Country Squire Fluence FKV2F-BS uses the same tone wood mix of Alder, Maple and Rosewood for the body, neck and fingerboard respectively, combined with a Wilkinson innovative WTB bridge that provides a traditional 3-saddle design for the very best sustain and tonal transfer. The Fluence T-Style pickup system with integrated rechargeable battery again gives the player a choice of the very best guitar sounds with Voice 1 delivering classic, open, and airy White-Guard sound. Voice 2 gives you fat and punchy Black-Guard sound via the recessed push/push switch.


Resplendent in a Gloss Black finish the Fret-King Esprit V Fluence’s solid Agathis body and easy-access maple set-neck with rosewood fingerboard give the player the absolutely best possible sustain and tone via the Wilkinson direct mounted Tune-O-Matic style bridge and stop tailpiece. Fitted with Fishman Fluence Classic Humbuckers these nickel finish pickups move seamlessly from a classic calibrated PAF tone, imbued with all the up-front dynamics that guitarists have come to expect from this kind of pickup, to the hot-rodded rock tone that defined the lead guitar via the push/pull pot. The Fluence Classic Humbuckers in this model are powered by a single 9-Volt battery.


For more information on these new Fret-King models, please visit their website.

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