Acoustic Guitar Review: Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

Acoustic Guitar Review: Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

In the latest issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine, reviewer Pete Madsen describes the Loudbox Mini Charge as “a small, battery-powered amp/mini PA system for players on the go… If you’re a busker, singer-songwriter, or other performing musician, you’ll probably run into a situation where you wish you had a battery-powered amp. That’s where a smart new amp from Fishman-the 60-watt, two-channel, Loudbox Mini Charge, can help.”

For obvious reasons, Pete’s first order of business was to compare a Loudbox Mini to the Mini Charge. “The new amp is essentially a rechargeable, battery-powered version of Fishman’s very popular Loudbox Mini… [The] Charge adds a Bluetooth-pairing button that will tether your wireless playback device to the amp, with output level control coming from the Master Volume… Both Minis have Fishman’s characteristic clarity and sparkle, but the Charge sounds a little warmer to my ear.”

Like all Fishman products, the Loudbox Mini Charge is designed and built to perform. In closing, the review supports that concept by stating, “The Charge offers plenty of volume for playing on a street corner or in a small club. Fishman claims the amp will last up to four hours at full volume or 12 hours at normal volume on a single charge… I played through the Charge for a couple of hours and did not notice any deterioration in the sound. At a modest 21 pounds, and in a compact size, the Charge offers a warm, clear sound for guitarists needing volume and portability.”

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