Unlike other pedals in the AFX family, the AFX Pocket Blender does not exclusively process effects on either the tip or ring signals. Instead, it is your master controller for selecting, mixing, and outputting these tip and ring signals. For this reason, we have provided two independent outputs to help you easily manage your audio path needs.

The ABY output uses the TRS output jack to create two audio paths: one for the A setting (via the tip) and one for the B setting (via the ring). This essentially produces a Y (or split) output and can be great for selecting between two different amp rigs or simply creating a split path on your pedalboard.

Meanwhile, the D.I. will output the audio from either A or B setting, so that you have a true A/B output source for when you need to connect to a single amplifier or mixer. Note that this output features Fishman’s balanced line driver circuit and is the perfect solution for when you just need a balanced and isolated D.I. output you can give to the sound-folk mixing your band.

Fishman AFX pocket blender mini acoustic guitar pedal side.