Fishman AFX Pocket Blender acoustic guitar pedal in hand with a background of acoustic guitar and cables.

Pocket Blender

The ultimate acoustic guitar A/B/Y pedal with endless mixing options

A/B/Y pedal with level-adjustable A/B outputs, DI, boost switch, Y-split, and 2-channel mixer.


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All the essential tools in one compact pedal

A level-adjustable A/B pedal. A built-in DI output with ground-lift. A boost pedal. An output Y-splitter. A two-channel mixer. The AFX Pocket Blender is the ultimateA/B/Y pedal combining four essential tools:

  1. an Input Mixer that lets you continuously adjust the level of audio source(s) connected to the TRS input
  2. a D.I. output featuring Fishman’s balanced line driver circuit that can be used to send to a house PA or amplifier
  3. an ABY output to split a signal or connect to one or two stage amps
  4. an A/B Mode switch determines the overall behavior when the footswitch is pressed
Fishman AFX Pocket Blender acoustic guitar pedal on the ground over a guitar.
Fishman AFX pocket blender mini acoustic guitar pedal on the pedalboard.
Fishman AFX Pocket Blender acoustic guitar pedal standing front.

This is the classic Pocket Blender in a small footprint.

Without even touching the A/B features, it’s a mini two-channel mixer allowing you to connect two audio sources and blend them together. This is perfect for dual-source systems such as Fishman soundhole pickups that feature a mic or body pickup.



Fishman AFX Pocket Blender acoustic guitar pedal standing front.

Build on the simple blender by setting up an “A mix” and a “B mix” where pressing the footswitch toggles between one mix and the other. You could balance your onboard pickup (50%) with your onboard mic (50%) on mix A. Then on mix B, which you use to take solos, you could boost the pickup to 75% while leaving the mic on 50%. All with a single stomp of the footswitch.

And it’s not only an A/B pedal with a mixer, it is the heart of Fishman’s unique AFX Dual Path ecosystem. By using common TRS audio cables, you assign effects on either tip or ring signal paths and essentially switch between two ‘scenes,’ each with mix levels you control.


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TRS cables icon

All AFX Minis are compatible with standard guitar instrument cables. They also feature an innovative dual channel audio path that lets you create two independent effect chains with a single series of cables.

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Fishman AFX acoustic guitar pedal power icon
DC Power

In order to pack a lot of functionality into the smallest stompbox size we could find, AFX Minis require external power. Be sure to use a Fishman 910-R(120VAC) or 910-U(230VAC) power adapter to ensure the above specs.

Fishman AFX acoustic guitar pedal footswitch icon

Pressing the footswitch toggles between mix A, mix B, or mute, as determined by the A/B Mode switch described below. In order to offer you a fully-analog product, an A/B LED status was not possible. This is the same as other passive A/B pedals, so the LED only indicates the pedal is receiving proper power.

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Fishman AFX acoustic guitar pedal 4 sliders icon.
Input Mixer

There are 4 input faders that let you setup 2 mixes, one for A and one for B. When you press the footswitch, you toggle these mixes which are sent to the outputs. How these levels are mixed and routed is ultimately determined by the A/B Modes switch that sits directly above the mix faders.

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Learn more about A/B Mode Switch
Fishman AFX acoustic guitar pedal AB mode icon
A/B Mode Switch

Pressing the footswitch toggle between the mix you set above for A and B, but there’s a twist. With the A/B Modes switch, you can choose to mix these signals in a variety of ways.

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Learn more about ABY and D.I. Outputs
Fishman AFX acoustic guitar pedal outputs icon
ABY and D.I. Outputs

Unlike other pedals in the AFX family, the AFX Pocket Blender does not exclusively process effects on either the tip or ring signals. Instead, it is your master controller for selecting, mixing, and outputting these tip and ring signals. For this reason, we have provided two independent outputs to help you easily manage your audio path needs.

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Fishman AFX acoustic guitar pedal lift icon

A tiny switch on the front of the pedal is designed to electrically isolate the pedal from other electronic devices. Normally, leave this switch set to Ground. Should a ground hum occur, set this switch to Lift.

Learn more about Mixer Examples
Fishman AFX acoustic guitar pedal blend icon
Mixer Examples

See a few examples showing how the AFX Pocket Blender combines signals.

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1/4" TRS input and outputs, 1/4" balanced DI output with ground lift


N/A (all analog)


1.9" W x 3.8" D x 1.92" H (49mm W x 97mm D x 49mm H)


Durable aluminum enclosure


53mA, typical


910-R AC Adapter (sold separately) or suitable filtered and regulated 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID Barrel Connector, Center = negative


Input impedance (tip): 10 MOhm | Input impedance (ring): 10 MOhm | )utput impedance (ABY, tip): 1 kOhm | Output impedance (ABY, ring): 1 kOhm | Output impedance (DI, tip-to-ring): 400 Ohm differential