Fishman News

The Hub interviews Larry Fishman for "Gear Pioneer" Feature

Check out The Hub from Musician's Friend! In a piece entitled "Infinite Curiosity and The Art of Sound," writer Marty Paule interviews Larry Fishman. The first in a series of interviews with industry pioneers, the writer leads in-depth conversation that explores the long and rich history of "an American entrepreneur staying at the forefront of music gear innovation."
TriplePlay News

MIDI Guitar and Fishman's TriplePlay by Marty Cutler, Contributing Editor for Electronic Musician and Keyboard

Marty Cutler writes, "For beginners, TriplePlay provides a turnkey, guitar-synthesis system with a minimal amount of tweaking and techno-angst. For seasoned MIDI guitarists, the wireless aspect of the system is a liberating experience, untethering the guitar from the bulky, fragile, and expensive 13-pin din cables. With a minimum of fuss, Fishman's TriplePlay system easily provides accurate and speedy tracking with both software and external instruments."