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Guitar played in Am chord

Acoustic Amplification

World-class products for Acoustic Instruments

Since we introduced the BP-100 in 1981, Fishman has been at the forefront of acoustic amplification for all types of stringed instruments. We remain dedicated to helping musicians of all styles achieve the truest sound possible wherever and whenever they plug in.

Loudbox Amplifiers

More players choose Fishman Loudbox amplifiers than any other acoustic amp. 20 years ago, Fishman re-defined what an acoustic musician could expect from amplifier by creating a system designed specifically for them. Since then, Fishman amplifiers have set the bar for acoustic performers in both tone and value, and remain the best selling acoustic amps in the world.

Acoustic Pickups

Fishman acoustic pickups have defined quality acoustic tone since 1981. From our seminal upright bass pickups to our latest creations for acoustic guitar, we are proud to have never stopped creating, inovating, and dreaming. We have one common goal: to make you sound your absolute best!

Acoustic Pedals

Guitar pedals designed specifically for the acoustic guitarist. Tailored specifically for acoustic guitars, Fishman Pedals allow you to explore new textures, rhythms, and spaces without sacrificing your tone.

Preamps and Effects

Our Preamps and Effects can be found on stages all over the world. Designed specifically for the acoustic musician, these tools give you the power to create and shape a sound that is unmistakenly your own, and true to your instrument.