Un-wind with Fluence® by Fishman

Fishman Fluence. Everything You Hear Is True.

The electric guitar pickup has been wound since 1934. 80 years later, we’ve unwound it. Original and totally re-imagined, Fishman Fluence pickups are free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups—revealing pure, uncorrupted and musical tone.


† Strat® is a registered trademark of FMIC. All specifications are subject to change without notice. †† Les Paul® is a registered trademark of Gibson Brands, Inc.

The technology and art
of performance infused into
electric guitar pickups.

Whether it’s our pickup systems for acoustic instruments, Aura Imaging Technology, SA Performance Systems, TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Guitar Controller, acoustic amplifiers and more… you can depend on us to cut out the “voodoo” and get to the true source of great tone.

Our Fluence lab is outfitted with sophisticated equipment, some of which we built ourselves specifically for our unique research needs. But the real testing occurred in the “real world” lab that was created when we handed the Fluence-Equipped guitars over to players like you. Back and forth, the refinements continued until it was smiles all around… and we eventually got our guitars back!


Today, some of the world’s most expressive, creative and daring players have joined the Fluence revolution, choosing Fluence as the voice for their electric guitars.

In 2014 Fishman introduced Fluence multi-voice pickups, challenging the archetype that had existed for over 80 years. Fluence technology cast off the common knowledge of what pickups were, how they were made, how they could sound and how they operated.
Designed in close collaboration with each artist to deliver the spirit and essence of their individual tone – The Revolution Continues.

The Fluence Core replaces
80 years of copper wire.

Fishman Fluence pickups are the first real re-imagining of electric guitar pickups in over 80 years. Before we embarked on the Fluence journey, our team established some important ground rules:


The tones of the great classic and aftermarket pickups are the benchmarks by which all other pickups are judged. These tones and timbres are not negotiable; they are the sound of electric guitars. Period.


With Rule 1 firmly established, we listed the design shortcomings of classic pickups and set about to fix them:

  • Fluence pickups are true Multi-Voice. Coil taps and other switching can yield
    different sounds, but they can’t transform your pickups from vintage to hot,
    or from hot to “line-in” clean… with no losses in output level.
  • Fluence pickups are quiet. Single coils hum, and all standard pickups are susceptible to spurious noise—even humbuckers! No sacrifice of classic tone for quiet operation.
  • Fluence pickups allow you to own the stage. Long cables? No problem. 20’, 30’, 50’ or more, with no signal degradation.
  • Fluence pickups let you control your volume, without sacrificing high end or clarity.
  • Fluence pickups will run for days on a standard 9-volt battery, or with the optional rechargeable lithium-ion pack — never change batteries again.


A Smart Solution

Historically, pickup “recipes” have been fraught with compromises, a balancing act of design concessions in an effort to combine our favorite elements without giving up too much. However, even after almost a century of refinement, most of us can still think of something we’d like to tweak on our current favorites.

Power, On!

Each Fishman Fluence pickup has two distinct and useful sounds on-board. These sounds start with the revolutionary Fluence Core, the heart of Fluence tone. From this Fluence Core we then create the classic timbres and tone-colors you expect from great guitar pickups — as well as some you’ve never expected.

Save Money &
Save the Planet

Never change batteries again.

Our Fluence rechargeable battery packs are a direct-fit replacement for your existing covers. They accept a standard mini-USB plug and offer weeks, not hours, of playing time between charges. Choose from three available styles.

Direct-fit replacements for the back/vibrato cover on a Strat®, or the control cover on Les Paul® model guitars, and a universal solution that can be fitted to most any cover, pickguard, control plate or similar metal or plastic part.

The ideal power solution for Fishman Fluence pickups, these lithium-ion packs require no modification of your guitar, and can also be used to power other on-board 9-volt pickups and accessories. Featuring a current capacity similar to a premium 9-volt alkaline battery, recharging is done via a standard mini-USB cable. The charger and the cable are included in the box.

LED indicators let you know when the battery pack is “full” and when it’s time to recharge. Complete recharge time from “empty” is 3 hours or less, and a full charge offers weeks, not hours, of playing time between charges (depending on the load).