Zach ^Runquist

Zach Runquist

Zach Runquist, born and raised in the heart of Music City, knew at the age of 10 that music would be his lifelong passion. It was at that early age he was first exposed to the recording studio while working on the first record for the “Sons of Tennessee” – which consisted of his father and older brother. He intensely watched Bruce Watkins, a veteran session musician at work. “He played so many instruments”, recalls Zach. “He would put one down and pick another up and play an overdub”. It was through that recording project and watching the producer (Eddy Bell) and engineer (John Nicholson) at work that got him hooked. “I thought what they were doing was so cool and loved seeing the songs being taken from an idea to completion”. Today, has been able to enjoy see those childhood dreams turn into reality and loves doing the same for other people.