Sister Sadie is a wildfire: raging hot bluegrass combined with breathtaking instrumental drive and aweinspiring vocals. Comprised of original members Deanie Richardson (fiddle), and Gena Britt (banjo, harmony vocals) and newcomers Hasee Ciaccio (bass), Jaelee Roberts (guitar, lead vocals), and Mary Meyer (mandolin, harmony vocals), Sister Sadie has combined the varied talents of each of the individual women in the lineup to create something that is far more than the sum of its parts. It is a sound uniquely their own. Yes, it’s undeniably classic, hard-driving bluegrass, but it’s much more than just that. Rooted in forceful and tight vocal harmonies, this isn’t your granddaddy’s Appalachian high lonesome sound. This is something far more powerful than that—it’s the sound of the mountains themselves.

Originally formed as a pickup band in December of 2012, Sister Sadie has reached heights beyond any of their dreams. In 2019, they won their first IBMA award as a band, named the Vocal Group of the Year. They debuted on the Grand Ole Opry. Their album “Sister Sadie II” was nominated for a GRAMMY. And it’s only picked up steam since then. 2020 brought with it another wave of IBMA Awards: Fiddle Player of the Year for Deanie Richardson, their second Vocal Group of the Year award, and their first Entertainer of the Year award—the highest award in all of bluegrass. In 2021, Sister Sadie was featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s American Currents exhibit. The same year, the band took home a third consecutive IBMA Vocal Group of the Year award, and new member Jaelee Roberts was awarded the IBMA Momentum Vocalist of the Year award. In 2022, Gena Britt was recognized as the SPBGMA Banjo Player of the Year and Sister Sadie signed with Mountain Home Records to begin work on their third studio album.

Now, entering their second decade as a band, the spark that they felt all those years ago burns brighter than ever before.

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