Shayne Strem

Shayne Strem (known online as “shayneisahead”) is a guitarist and up and coming social media influencer. Playing genres from hard rock to pop, you can find Shayne on TikTok and Instagram creating new music and unique guitar sounds. Shayne grew up playing in live bands and most recently moved towards online content creation. He continues to grow his following by sharing his passion for music and showing the world that you can most certainly divebomb over any song.

“I fell in love with my Fishman pickups immediately. With all of the different tone options, these pickups truly bridge the gap between all genres. Whether I feel like playing lighter, more ambient style music or drop tuned metal riffs, Fishman has everything I need.”

Instagram: shayneisahead
Youtube: shayneisahead
Tiktok: shayneisahead

Shayne Strem with his two guitaar