Saul ^Zonana

Saul Zonana

Way back when in Bayside Queens, NY, from the age of 3 years old, before I could actually complete sentences, I was writing songs.  Here I am today, still much like a 3 year old, and STILL doing it every day.  While a lot of the other kids were into video games, beer, drugs etc.  I played many instruments, I wrote songs and recorded them constantly.  That’s really all that I cared about.  I had to search for others that were equally passionate about making music.  This was a time in music that happened before we celebrated so much mediocrity, There was no internet, so we didn’t spend our time watching shredding videos on YouTube or comparing ourselves to others on social media sites. This was when we wrote and performed music simply because it took over our souls. Even country music was great back then 🙂  So for me, like many others, it was in my blood from the very beginning, and making music was all that I thought about.  It was during those early years that my older brother turned me on to bands like The Beatles, The Who, The Cars, The Police, Yes, Black Sabbath, Rush etc. That fueled my creativity in a big way.  I got my hands on a basic four track tape machine and began a journey creating and recording music.  I released my first solo album when I was 13 years old.  That’s when it REALLY started.