Rene Montt

Guitarist, bass player and music teacher, founder of the progressive metal band “Neural FX” and bassist in “Yelofi”.

With the experience of having participated in several “cover” bands of all genres and with the constant study of music, René founded Neural FX in 2007 seeking to capture all his influences ranging from Blues, Jazz, Funk, Alternative. , Classical Music to Metal, Rock, Progressive and many other genres.

In 2012 they released their first album titled “Abreaction” with numerous sales and acceptance abroad, among the top 10 iTunes in countries in Asia and Latin America. Currently Neural FX is considered one of the most important progressive metal bands in Mexico, leading them to participate in important shows and festivals within the country and outside the continent.

“For more than 20 years, I used the same brand of pickups thinking there would never be anything new that would captivate me. The day I tried Fishman it blew my mind. With a combination of the classic humbucker sound and an incredible touch of modernity and precision in each note. At that moment I knew I had found the sound I always dreamed of having.”


Abreaction (2012)

Against the Darkness ((2015)

Inception Chapter I: Engrama (2017)

Awareness (2022)

Alan (2023)

Instagram: Renemontt

Website: Neural

Rene Montt on a dark background while holding the guitar