Nick Hall

I started playing guitar at around 12 years old and would join various pop punk/skater punk bands around the Bay Area where I grew up. I played in local bands most notably Violent Obsession. At around 14 years old, I started taking lessons from Chuck Cambruzzi who taught me how to play while at work at Guitar Center. I also took lessons from Bob Marshall who is an innovator in music and he truly shaped my playing for the better. As I grew older my influences shifted towards the heavier side of music and I knew I wanted to play metalcore from around the time I turned 15 and continued into my later years of playing with Negative Sixxx as well as Shores Rising which I co founded with my best friend Aaron Park. We went on a span of shows after releasing our debut EP Warning Signs. It would be in this band that I met and later joined my current band Lightworker.

When I first saw Lightworker live they had yet to release their debut album Fury by Failure. I was amazed at the heaviness of their sound and was drawn to the band heavily as I was close to the bassist Brad Green, and their guitarist Grayson Hurd. I wanted to share the stage with them and never did I think I would later get the opportunity too! A few years later Lightworker would sign with Solid State Records with their debut album Fury by Failure which I was again amazed with. I joined the band in April of 2023 and I couldn’t possibly be happier playing the music I love, with people I grew up looking up too. I am living my dream!