Also known as #7 in the multi-platinum, genre-defining metal band Slipknot, Mick Thomson chose Fluence pickups to capture his formidable and intense playing style.

His immediately recognizable style is a sonic blend of drop-tuned riffs, percussive groove-based rhythms, and fluid, face-melting leads. The innovative guitarist is known for his thick and heavy, high-gain guitar tones which have helped define the Grammy Award-winning band’s signature sound.

Mick’s guitar hero status has been cemented by Slipknot’s bombastic, high-energy live shows and over 30 million albums sold.

There was never a band like SLIPKNOT, and there will never be another. Like a spore out of the Midwest, they’ve quietly bloomed into the most uncompromising, undeniable, and unique presence on the planet whose influence transcends genres and generations. Since sowing the seeds for revolution in Iowa during 1999, these musical outliers have captured a GRAMMY Award alongside 10 nominations, scored 12 Platinum / 41 Gold album certifications around the world, and logged over 8.5 billion global streams and 3.5 billion video views to date – unprecedented for a rock act in this generation or any other. Rolling Stone cited the seminal platinum-selling 2001 album Iowa among “The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time,” while The Ringer attested, “They’re the most important heavy band of their era.”


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