Michael Dobbs

With 17 years committed to mastering the guitar and refining his songwriting, Mike is the driving force behind the chart-topping band Sakoya. His unwavering passion lies in crafting heavy guitar riffs with electrifying distorted tones, accompanied by his finesse in producing intricate compositions – a dynamic combination that has propelled Sakoya onto the Billboard charts.

Mike’s journey began with youthful curiosity, evolving into the seasoned artistry that now defines him. Renowned for his emotive melodies, captivating harmonies, and hard-hitting guitar riffs, he propels Sakoya’s distinctive sound by seamlessly integrating anthemic instrumentals. Beyond his guitar virtuosity, Mike’s meticulous studio craftsmanship weaves each track into a tapestry of sonic brilliance, underscoring the fusion of relentless dedication and innovative excellence that paints a sonic landscape resonating deeply across the globe.



Youtube: Sakoya

Michael Dobbs playing guitar on stage