Lorenza ^Ponce

Lorenza Ponce

Lorenza is a dynamic performer, mesmerizing audiences worldwide with her mastery of the violin, beautiful vocals, and her dramatic yet graceful stage presence. She is a current member of Jon Bon Jovi’s solo group, and was the violinist/vocalist for the Bon Jovi Lost Highway World Tour. Lorenza has recently been playing with Sam Smith, has toured extensively with Sheryl Crow, was the lead violinist and string contractor for Hall and Oates, and string contractor/arranger for The Dixie Chicks Top of The World Tour. Lorenza Ponce has been the featured performer in two PBS Specials: featured violinist/vocalist for John Tesh’s One World , and featured violinist for Japanese new age star, Kitaro’s “An Enchanted Evening.” Lorenza has also toured with John Tesh, Kitaro, and Ben Fold s Five.

website: lorenzaponce.com