Jon ^Donais – Anthrax

Jon Donais – Anthrax

This is the artist template. it can be used over and over again.

click Artists on left menu.

after they are listed hover over “_Artist Template” – you’ll see

click on clone to make your own

a new entry will be in the list

click on “Edit” and you’ll be at new page

change the name to what you want AND change the permalink to the new name

the name is sorted in the alphabetic list on “All Artists” by the first letter of your entry if you want to sort on a different letter put a caret (shift+6) before that first letter

delete all the content and THEN put your content here

there’s a good editor that you shouldn’t be too tricky with but bold and other simpler stuff is reliable

1 image is loaded here IF the artist is to be shown on the “All Artists” tab

the loaded image should be 350 x 350

if the artist is to be listed do not put in an image in the right hand column