Jacques ^Stotzem

Jacques Stotzem

Born in 1959 in Verviers, the Belgian guitarist has recorded 17 CDs and is high up on the list for fans of the acoustic guitar. His unique and highly refined playing style combines a well-developed melodic sense with a rare dynamic approach to the instrument that speaks directly to the listener. Jacques, unlike many guitar players today, possesses an in-depth sense of harmonic knowledge, which is evident throughout his compositions. All of this is cemented together by his perfect command of the instrument and by his optimistic personality.

Jacques Stotzem has become a regular guest at European festivals and is often invited for tours in Japan, China or Taiwan. Since 2006, the famous American guitar company “Martin Guitar”, produces an “OMC Jacques Stotzem Custom Signature Model”, a dream for every guitar player, a consecration for Jacques.

Jacques’ new CD « Handmade » (released in April 2021) features 10 original compositions, mainly ballads in his unique lyrical and melodic style.