Hedras, a Guatemalan born, became interested in learning guitar. He typically practiced 7 or more hours every day, even playing up to 12 hours a day during vacations from school.

Between writing and producing albums, Hedras began to play and compete in guitar contests from different areas of the globe. On June 16, 2009, he won second place at the Guitar Idol competition (a worldwide event held in London, UK in which undiscovered guitarists compete online for a chance to play at the London International Music Show). On September 18, 2010 Hedras won second place at another worldwide event held in Bucharest, Romania called the Ziua Chitarelor.

In 2011, after guitarist Richie Faulkner left the project to join Judas Priest, Hedras agreed to take on all guitar work for Sir Christopher Lee’s heavy metal album Charlemagne: The Omens of Death (2013).

In 2016 Hedras played with guitarist Paul Gilbert in Guatemala city. Through his career Hedras has performed with many recognized guitar heroes including Kiko Loureiro, Michael Lee Firkins and many more.

After moving to Los Angeles CA, In 2018 Hedras started giving many guitar clinics at prestigious Music School “Musicians Institute” which led to his participation at the Big Mama Jamathon where he performed with guitar legend Steve Vai.

Since 2019 Hedras developed different lines of custom-signature guitars with Cort Guitars, on which many of the models have been equipped with Fluence Pickups like Mutility (Modern Fluence) and Duality II (Fluence Open Core).

Quote: “My Cort Mutility is equipped with Modern Fluence pickups and Duality II is loaded with Fluence Open Core, these pickups simply provide the best tone, feel and limitless wide variety of tonal options that I need on my guitars, my favorite pickups ever!”

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