Dante Frisiello

Dante Frisiello plays guitar in the Steve Vai Band and is the founder of progressive band Fly in Formation. A former Big Law corporate lawyer (think, “Suits”) Dante transitioned into music professionally as a guitar tech on the Steve Vai Inviolate Tour. When an opening in Steve’s band arose, Vai auditioned Dante at soundchecks and promoted him to the role. Dante composes and produces music blending EDM and rock for FIF and as a solo artist.

“Fishman’s Fluence pickups embody the future of guitar sound design. They can do mind-bending things that no other pickup system is capable of doing, and they do it with unmatched style. They are the most harmonically responsive pickups I’ve ever played, and they can provide a set of tones in one instrument that no one has ever been able to provide before.”

Dante Frisiello with guitar