Brace Yourself

Based out of Tucson, Arizona; the likes of Brace Yourself puts a fresh spin on familiar genres like Rock, Metal, and Alternative. With members — Jamison Scott [Vocals], Aidan Roberson [Guitar], Keagan Smith [Guitar], Aj Farrell [Bass], and Jace Hampton [Drums] this band has many influences amongst themselves that there is no telling what they can’t produce. With the 2023 release of their EP titled, “M Λ И I C S T Λ T Ǝ” they are really making a mark in the industry.

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Instagram: braceyourselfband
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Brace Yourself

Aidan Roberson

“I’ve always relied on Fishman pickups to keep our tones consistent and clear. It’s really nice to be able to pick up any guitar with them installed knowing what sound you’ll get. I won’t play any show without them because our whole tone is surrounded by these industry standard pickups.”

Aidan Roberson performing on stage with his guitar

Keagan Smith

“These are truly the best, having our core sound with Fishman pickups really brings up the confidence of not only what we do live but in the studio. Using exactly what we like in both settings makes us feel better that we don’t have to sacrifice anything to get what we want from our guitars.”

Keagan Smith showing off his guitar with fishman pickup