Avery Green

Avery began their foray into the music industry as a homeless teenager in London. Busking with a beat-up acoustic, she managed to make enough money to buy herself a sleeping bag, sparking the realisation that playing the guitar may be more than just a hobby.
From that moment onward, Avery has pursued their musical career with an intense passion, performing as a session musician for bands across the UK, turning down a scholarship to attend her dream university, and even writing and recording her own solo album.
Avery’s music harks back to the golden era of shred guitar, blended with modern rhythms and arrangements. Constantly in pursuit of improving her technique, she maintains a social media presence where they display their progress.

“It’s easy to find either great sounding clean or dirty pickups, but nigh on impossible to find a brand that excels in both – with the exception of Fishman. They remain best-in-class in both ends of the tonal spectrum; you’d be hard pushed to find a more versatile upgrade to your guitar.”  -Avery Green

Instagram: aaverygreen
Youtube: @AveryGreen