To become the head of the pack, it takes heart, guts, and determination. Over the last 24months, Melbourne metalcore juggernauts Alpha Wolf have proven they have all three inabundance. 2020 saw the release of their Sophomorealbum ‘a quiet place to die’, whichwas the culmination of every lesson learnt, every hit taken, and every loss felt; and it leadthe band to a #6 charting spot on the ARIA charts and nomination for Best Heavy Album atthe ARIA awards. ‘a quiet place to die’ is the end result of five individuals who have facedthe fire and refuse to flinch, pouring their everything into making something they are trulyproud of. Through all the chaos these last few years have been able to throw at the band,they’ve still managed to play multiple headlining runs of sold out shows, secured places onsome of the biggest festivals in Australia, and have their eyes securely set on theinternational scene. Alpha Wolf have shown that nothing this world can throw at them isgoing tostop them from tearing apart the metalcore scene.

Sabian Lynch and Scottie Simpson play Fluence

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