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TriplePlay Connect MIDI Guitar Controller

With the TriplePlay Connect controller and app, your guitar and imagination, you can create music, explore soundscapes, share, interact and HAVE FUN!

The Easiest MIDI Guitar Controller

TriplePlay Connect® is a revolutionary MIDI guitar pickup system that allows electric and acoustic guitars to connect to and control the vast universe of virtual instruments, synthesizers, and plugins, previously only accessible to keyboards. Simply mount the Connect onto your guitar, plug it into any device that accepts USB MIDI including Mac, PC, or mobile device, and in real-time your guitar performance will be converted into the very same industry-standard MIDI note messages used by keyboards controllers.

The World’s Fastest and Most Accurate

TriplePlay Connect’s hex pickup and onboard hardware provides the world’s fastest and most accurate real-time Guitar-to-MIDI experience. Perform flawless tracking of your guitar with any other instrument, real or imagined. Our new hand-position technology eliminates ghost notes. Chords have never been easier!

iPad App for Easy Access to the World of MIDI

Have an iPad®? The exclusive TriplePlay Connect iOS app comes with hundreds of high-quality instruments so you can start exploring the creative possibilities of MIDI right away. With expansive performance tools like virtual instruments, sequencers, time-stretching, loops, arpeggiators, multi-FX and so much more, the Connect iOS app puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

Expand The Horizons of Your Home Recordings

Recording/broadcasting from home? Right out of the box TriplePlay Connect works with any MIDI-enabled DAW, Synth, or other music applications on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, turning your guitar into a true general-purpose virtual instrument controller. Add the TriplePlay Software to expand your MIDI capabilities even further. Or simply explore new soundscapes with our included library of more than 1,500 sounds and instruments. Whether you’re a guitar player looking for more variety of musical expression with new sounds or simply trying to have more fun while practicing or learning to play, TriplePlay Connect has you covered…and no bulky cables are needed!

TriplePlay Connect features:

  • Easy and non-invasive installation on most 6-string guitars
  • The fastest, most accurate, and most responsive real-time guitar pitch-detection on the planet
  • New hand-position technology eliminates ghost notes - flawless chords have never been easier!
  • Works with Logic®, Cubase®, Digital Performer®, GarageBand®, Ableton Live®, and any other music software that accept class-compliant MIDI

New TriplePlay v1.5 Software with TriplePlay Connect

Specifications & Support

Model number: PRO-TRP-401

MATERIAL:Durable composite
CONTROLLER DIMENSIONS:2.6” H x 1.4” W x 0.6” D / (66.4 mm) x (34.9 mm) x (14.6 mm)
POWER:Micro USB to Lightning cable or standard USB
PICKUP DIMENSIONS:4.11” L x 0.34” W / (104.4 mm) x (8.6 mm)
PICKUP HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE RANGE:.35” minimum to .58” maximum from tallest point between G and D strings (8.9 mm) to (14.7 mm)
MINIMAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:iOS 9.3 and up 2.5 GB storage space available
iOS 9.3 and up 2.5 GB storage space available
Apple iPad, Windows 7 or 8 both 32-bit and 64-bit, Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or higher
TriplePlay Connect Controller with Hexaphonic pickup
Lightning cable & USB cable for connection to any Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device (Android OTG adapter not included)
All required mounting hardware and tools
TriplePlay Software Bundle, including the Connect iOS app, TriplePlay Mac/PC software, and more than 1,500 exclusive patches for use with professional sample sets from Native Instruments®, KV331 Audio®, and more.
Now includes a perpetual-use license for the award-winning SynthMaster One® free! Check out the thousands of unique synthesizer presets, with patches specifically designed for the best TriplePlay experience, right out of the box.