Fluence Signature Series Devin Townsend pickup set

Devin Townsend describes himself as “a human being who’s trying to make a better version of himself, with the by-product of that process being music. Music that seems to come out in as many different emotional ways as life presents. Music that has always had as its aim the ability to transcend.”

“Transcendence is the thematic inspiration for my signature pickups. The goal was to merge two opposite ends of the sonic spectrum into one product and I’m proud to say we have strongly achieved that.”

Devin’s music covers a lot of ground, both subtle and dynamic. It’s about the interaction between two very distinct styles. It can be both very heavy and very gentle. To create a pickup set that can legitimately straddle these diverse worlds, Devin worked closely with Fishman R&D to build in very specific attributes that sonically react like two entirely different instruments.

Fluence Signature Series Devin Townsend Pickup Voicings:

Voice 1: “My heavy metal voice.” Pole pieces for more “sonic havoc” when compared to blade magnets. Voice 2: “A low-gain, single coil, passive, sweet sounding tone which I prefer in single coil mode” that hits amps and compressors “just so.” Creating a both-pickups-on clean tone and overall volume drop that enhances the the effect of switching from dirty to clean sounds.

Fluence Signature Series Devin Townsend Pickup Set Features:

  • 1 bridge pickup and 1 neck pickup
  • All components required to achieve Devin’s wiring scheme (minus pickup selector)
  • Volume and Tone pots
  • Push-pull Voice Selector pot for use in Volume or Tone position
  • All cables required for installation
  • Option to choose single coil or double coil/humbucking modes
  • Additional access to a humbucking version of Voice 2 is available via push-pull
Fluence Signature Series Devin Townsend pickup set

Fluence Signature Series Devin Townsend Pickups:

  • Are Multi-Voice. Set and forget, or wire-up to toggle between two musically complimentary voices.
  • Drop right in and replace standard humbucker pickups.
  • Are rechargeable on your guitar. Optional lithium-ion battery pack offers weeks, not hours, of playing time.

Straight from Devin Townsend:

Now, for the first time in my career, what I use in the studio is exactly the same as what I use on stage. It’s all the same thing. There’s no special guitar that I use at home, no special pickup. Same guitar, same pickups… Fishman Fluence.

Devin Townsend


Neck Pickup Bridge Pickup


Voice 1: 780 Hz, Voice 2: 3.3 kHz Voice 1: 635 Hz, Voice 2: 3.4 kHz


Ceramic VIII Ceramic VIII


Bar magnets with poles Hybrid


49 mm 52.6 mm


2k 2k


2.2 mA 2.2 mA


9-Volt or optional rechargeable battery 9-Volt or optional rechargeable battery


Up to 110 hours (for the set) Up to 110 hours (for the set)