The Story of Onboard Auras Fishman-Martin Alliance – Guitar Player

The basic idea of the new Fishman-Martin Onboard Aura System is this: Pick up either the new OMC-Aura or DC-Aura, and you’ll get one of C.F. Martin’s classic acoustic instruments plus Fishman’s new Aura Acoustic Imaging Blender system.

And what does that mean to you? How about a “virtual” miked sound from an onboard pickup—a sound that presents your Martin Orchestra or Dreadnought as if it were recorded in an exceptional studio environment with the sexiest and most prized studio microphones. But there are no mics onstage to maneuver around, no extra hardware, no feedback at any volume, and no screaming at the tech when your fragile acoustic world goes south at the big gig.

This new collaboration between C.F. Martin and Fishman Transducers—one of many in over 20 years of working together—is ample evidence of the venerable American guitar maker’s commitment to new technologies that offer more possibilities to crossover acoustic/electric players, and it aligns perfectly with Fishman’s ongoing quest to put acoustic musicians on equal ground with their electric counterparts.

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