New Rare Earth Mic Blend Adds Updated Mic Design and Controls

Introducing the new Rare Earth Mic Blend, an updated version of our popular, top-of-the-line, active magnetic soundhole pickup.

A new and improved flexible cardioid microphone can be blended in with the pickup with an easily accessible Mic/Pickup Blend control wheel.

The new bass extension/roll-off switch controls the low frequency extension of the microphone. When switched on, this control will provide the fullest bass for mic only applications or blended tones where more microphone bass is preferred. The alternate switch position rolls off bass from the microphone to reduce the risk of low frequency feedback and facilitate playing at higher volumes.


The Rare Earth Mic Blend offers a smooth, warm and full humbucking sound. The pickups’s active electronics and neodymium magnet structure provide exceptional string balance and clarity.

A pre-wired output jack can also be permanently installed at the endpin. The Rare Earth Mic Blend fits soundholes as small as 3 5/8” (92 mm) diameter. Two 1.5-Volt silver oxide (included) or one 3-Volt lithium offer 110 hours of playing time.

For more information on the new Rare Earth Mic Blend, click here.