PowerTap Receives Editors’ Pick Award from Guitar Player

PowerTap Receives Editors’ Pick Award from Guitar Player

“Fishman’s new dual-format setup brings a new level of 3-dimensionality and life to amped acoustic tone.”

This most recent review of our PowerTap Earth and PowerTap Infinity pickup systems was done by Guitar Player magazine’s Jimmy Leslie. Besides his many endeavors in print and online, Jimmy is also an accomplished player in his own right (jimmyleslie.com). We always appreciate a great review, but when the reviewer is also a seasoned and versatile player, well… it just makes it that much sweeter.

Let’s start at the end with Jimmy’s “verdict” and work backwards to see how he got there. Referring to the Tap body sensor that is the unique feature shared by both the PowerTap Earth and PowerTap Infinity systems, Jimmy states, “The PowerTap system’s sensor finds a happy medium between a pickup’s response and a mic, and both systems deliver an alive, musically rich and feedback-free performance.” Among Jimmy’s specific call-outs are:

  • Nice depth and detail to the tones.
  • Awesome dual-tone possibilities
  • Excellent through acoustic and electric amp setups
  • Feedback-free performance
  • Solderless installation


In the main body of the review, available HERE, Jimmy articulates, “…The line consists of two dual-element formats: the PowerTap Earth and PowerTap Infinity. Both feature the new Tap soundboard body sensor that affixes to the bridgeplate… [the box] include(s) a stereo adaptor to split the signals from the pickup and sensor.” Using the included adaptor or a standard stereo “Y” cable, players can send the signals down their own chains of processing and amplification to create any number of soundscapes from real, to surreal.

From the review, “Fishman sent a PRS SE AX20E equipped with the PowerTap Earth and a Guild OM-150CE bearing the PowerTap Infinity. I put each through extensive tests using acoustic and electric rigs… the Tap sensor takes the place of an internal microphone, which is traditionally used in dual-element systems. My first question was, ‘“Does the Tap deliver enough mic-like qualities in addition to its function as a body sensor?”’ The answer is a resounding yes. It sounds like a cross between a pickup and a microphone, revealing vivaciousness, dimensionality and depth.”

In the review, Jimmy also takes readers through a few scenarios to help them decide on which system, PowerTap Earth or PowerTap Infinity would be best suited for their styles and situations, summing it all up with this comment, “Fishman is renowned for creating fine acoustic-electric sounds, but its greatest asset may be listening. Recognizing how modern acoustic guitarists are increasingly incorporating percussive playing into their styles, Fishman has answered the call for more guitar-body response with its Acoustic PowerTap series.”

To read the full review, click here.

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