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Thinking of buying an acoustic or electro acoustic guitar? Obviously you want the best possible guitar you can get for your money. The guitar that looks the best, sounds the best and is available at the best possible price for you. In that case, it’s got to be a Vintage. The range of Vintage electro-acoustic guitars offer fantastic value. With its keen value-for-money approach, the comprehensive Vintage line-up of acoustics and electros has allowed us to present a collection of guitars we’re extremely proud of. Continue Reading »

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Ibanez JSA5BK - Joe Satriani

"I've been playing the JSA acoustic onstage and it feels great, plays great, and sounds wonderful. And, in all black, it looks so cool! It has outstanding projection, and an impressive dynamic range too, with a powerful clear tone essential for live performance. The JSA acoustic has a full and balanced sound that's perfect for strumming, soloing, or, delicate finger picking. It has good access to the upper frets, and the electronics make anything you play sound clear and natural." –Joe Satriani
Equipped With: Presys (OEM)

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