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Tim Moyer

Fishman Artist // Tim Moyer

Graced with strong material and vocal talent Tim Moyer is well on his way to capturing anyone within earshot. He is middle-of-the-road enough to appeal to a lot of different people, but has a sound and identity all his own. Moyer has crafted a gut wrenching melodic style that is captivatingly familiar and lyrics that portray today's trials and tomorrow's triumphs.

Raised on everything from Jazz to Classical, Tim’s musical roots are anything but biased. Tim’s musical path started on drums at the age of 7. Within a few years Tim was sitting in with his father's jazz band and of course attending his mother's classical concerts. Tim’s parents, both well-established musicians, helped to nurture his God given talent with formal lessons and plenty of gig exposure. Surrounding Tim with music was their secret to his overall knowledge of true harmony.

By 16 Tim felt the need to write and armed with his grandmother's Gibson acoustic he began his journey. It's that journey that has given Tim his literal sensitivity and musical awareness and enabled him to deliver finely crafted, commercially viable songs. Tim says, " I believe that people today are looking for truth and they can see and hear the truth in my music and performance."

Tim’s truth comes out in songs like "Jump A Train" where the frustrations of everyday life are taken away by the freedom of the rails and "My Own Shoes" realizing that the path to happiness is as easy as changing your shoes, to being so far gone you can no longer breath only to be pulled out of despair in "Out Of The Blue". These well crafted lyrics are flowing with emotion and yet roll off the tongue with ease ridding on, as Music Connection Magazine describes, "refrains that'll sink into your head before you know it"

His proverbial dues have been paid. For over 15 years Tim has been working to gain a reputation as one of Southern California’s leading singer/songwriters, performing with his band as well as solo acoustic. He rounds out his experience with writing and recording soundtracks for commercial videos and documentaries in his own digital studio. Tim has even co-written a song "Sweet Water" with Julie Andrews.

Proving himself worthy, Tim has been capturing audiences all over Southern California. As a solo artist Tim has shared the stage with greats like Howard Jones, Dave Mason, and America. With his band he's rocked with Eddie Money, the Tubes, Edwin McCain, and Duncan Sheik.

If you happen to be hanging with the President on Air force 1, slip on the headphones and enjoy Tim's music among artists like Dave Matthews. If not, you can catch him on American & United Airlines or a College Radio Station near you.