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TriplePlay News

TriplePlay Reviewed by Recording Magazine

"What the TriplePlay has done for me is to open the doors to a vast world of possibilities with the tools I already had and loved -- my guitar and my well-trained hands on it. I've been able to use virtual instruments like never before, and I was stunned to find inspiration and hours of enjoyment with sounds that I would quickly discard when auditioning with a keyboard controller!"
TriplePlay News

Gizmag.com gives TriplePlay a Whirl

"The TriplePlay wireless guitar controller and hex pickup can be fitted to a player's own guitar without being intrusive. This allows the musician to stick with a favored or familiar instrument setup while opening it up to 'an unlimited palette of instruments and sounds' courtesy of the impressive supporting cast of top notch recording, transcription and digital music creation and sound generation software. Oh, and you can leave that tiresome 13-pin cable in the gig bag."
TriplePlay News

Announcing Open Labs StageLight Monthly Music Contest

Open Labs have teamed up with Linkin Park, Guitar Center, and Fishman to launch an unprecedented 12-month music creation contest for all musicians around the globe. Each month you'll be given a new opportunity to submit your best genre-specific song (using Open Labs Stagelight) for competition. Monthly winners will receive a Fishman TriplePlay and loads of other great prizes from other sponsor companies. One Grand Prize winner will spend a day in the studio with Linkin Park!