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Fishman Artist // Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman’s story is nearly as fascinating as his music. Raised in Longview, TX., Monte made the bold decision at only 24 to pick up and move to Los Angeles in 1999. Soon after arriving, he accepted a job as a guitar store salesman. But after realizing his real interest lied in playing guitars, not selling them, he left to start providing guitar lessons.

What he didn’t realize was that his third student would end up being renowned British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, who had just received a guitar as a gift from his at-the-time girlfriend, Madonna. Monte was soon after introduced to the iconic performer, and after Ritchie gifted a guitar to her, Monte then became her guitar teacher as well. A month after he started giving guitar lessons to Madonna, he was invited to join her on stage at the David Letterman Show to promote her album, Music.

Monte has since played on every live tour starting with her 2001 Drowned World Tour to sharing writing credits on songs like “Easy Ride,” “Hey You” and “It’s So Cool” from 2009′s Celebration. In February 2012, he will join Madonna on-stage for her live performance at the Super Bowl.

Monte has also played guitar and bass for the industrial rock band Prong. He is credited with co-writing songs on Scorpio Rising from 2003 and co-writing/co-producing their 2007 album, Power of the Damager, to which he also added backing vocals and bass. Monte has also been the lead guitarist and music director for Adam Lambert’s live band, and recently toured on the Glam Nation Tour. His rock influence is evident in Lambert’s more recent live performances. Fingers fly on the fretboard during electric solos, while his acoustic skills are showcased in the stripped-down arrangements of Adam’s songs.

In November 2009, Monte released his debut solo album, The Deepest Dark, which features 11 acoustic songs. Almost a year after its release, a special bonus version of The Deepest Dark was released and immediately reached the No. 1 spot on the Best-Selling Acoustic Albums list on CD- It was also No. 9 in the Top 10 Best-Selling CDs for the autumn of 2010.

And in October 2011, he released his second album, Pain, Love & Destiny, which in its first week made it to No. 1 Rock Album, No. 1 Pop Album, and made it into the Top 10 Albums chart for October. In addition, it cracked iTunes’ Top 200 within its first week, making it the only album by an independent artist to have done so.

Last year, Monte’s Kickstarter campaign raised a staggering $65,500, making him the top rock musician to ever raise the most money on the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. Monte met his initial goal of $5,000 in under 24 hours.

2012 shaped up to be Pittman’s best year yet! Jarrell Guitars honored Pittman with his very own MPS Series, a signature Monte Pittman guitar. Monte performed at the 2012 Artists In Music Awards on Feb. 10, 2012 – and was nominated for awards in five categories, including Best Blues Artist, Best Rock Artist, Best Solo Artist, Artist of Year and Album of the Year; has been nominated for Best Modern Rock Album and Best Independent Album by; and was just honored by Guitar Planet, which has inducted his new signature Jarrell guitar into its Hall of Fame, along with being up for Guitar Planet’s Guitar of the Year Award.