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Massimo Varini

Fishman Artist // Massimo Varini

Massimo Varini was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy on July 30, 1970 and has lived in Carpi ever since he was a child. He began as a self-taught guitarist and then devoted himself to the study of Harmony and Arrangements at the Academy of Music in Modena until he was asked to teach the subjects himself.

Massimo's professional career began in 1989 in his home studio, since then, he has worked with some of the best known Italian artists, arrangers, producers and musicians. Massimo wrote a song called "Laura non c'è," which reached the top of music charts in 1997 and was sung by Italian Pop singer Nek, at the Sanremo Music Festival where he was awarded with 6 Platinum Records.

Massimo Varini is one of the busiest guitarists in Italy — over 40 million albums have been sold with his name on them, with credits ranging from guitarist to producer to songwriter. Nearly every album Varini is involved in lands at the top of the European charts for weeks on end. He has a passion for the guitar, an identical love for music and an equal desire to put himself to the test and share ideas and projects. Massimo said, “Music in general engrosses me… the challenge of creativity, trying to do something new. In pop, it’s a bit utopian to think you can do something new, but I do everything with great dedication and love.”