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Jeff Larson

Fishman Artist // Jeff Larson

Jeff Larson is a veteran singer-songwriter possessing a musical body of work focused on visual lyrical content and unique melody. With music rooted in his native (bay area) California, his sound draws on the rich heritage of West Coast music. Jeff's latest CD "Close Circle" was released on July 22, 2014 on both CD and download. It includes guests Gerry Beckey & Dewey Bunnell (America), Randell Kirsch, Jeffrey Foskett, Jeddrah, Dave Nachmanoff, and others.

"Close Circle" comes just two years after Larson's acclaimed 2012 release "The World Over," which featured songs based on travels, tribulations and matters of the heart and also features members of the band America on several tracks.

His songs over the years have been featured regularly on singer/songwriter based radio throughout the U.S. and internationally, including San Francisco's KFOG, BBC 2, RTL France. Jeff 20 year plus recording career has often featured the America (Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell), with Gerry producing 2009's Heart Of The Valley (HumanNature). Additional guests have come along for the ride such as Robert Lamm (Chicago), Timothy B Schmit (Eagles), John Blakeley (The Sandals).

Overall the writing and recording pace has led to a consistent string of releases throughout the years with various labels: JVC Victor Japan, Universal and Warner/Rhino France, and most recently the HumanNature/America label in the U.S. "Classically Californian in its spirit and sound, yet its appeal extends far beyond the West Coast as its sweet, mellow tunes have an appeal that transcends geography or even time, and winds up straddling the past and present quite fetchingly."
– All Music Guide