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Don Conoscenti

Fishman Artist // Don Conoscenti

Don Conoscenti has played venues from the Troubadour to Eddie’s Attic, The Bluebird Café and The Kennedy Center (the most prestigious Lobby Gig in the world) and has performed at many of the finest music festivals including The Newport Folk Festival, the Kerrville Folk Festival, The Philadelphia Folk Festival and is a perennial at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, Ok since its inception. As a lyrical storyteller his songs lure listeners into worlds both common and extraordinary. As a singer he exhibits a refined ability to use the voice as an instrument.

As a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist he has developed a style that incorporates complex harmonies and polyrhythms while still holding down the bottom, accenting the melody and even adding harmony lines to the vocal. Whether performing acoustically through an SA220 or playing electric instruments through an amp modeler into a Loudbox Artist, it’s an approach that is inspired by and dependent upon having the right sonic factor. Fishman products are the core of his sound and approach and have been for decades.

He performs and records solo and as a hired gun for various other artists on stage and in the studio. He also works with several unique ensembles in the vibrant Taos, NM music scene where he lives when not on the road touring.

He skis and mountain bikes when injuries and rehearsal schedules allow and can occasionally be seen wielding a chainsaw or driving his friend Roger’s backhoe around the ‘back yard’ when working on the garden. He has a big back yard.