What is the deal with GuitarRig?

What is the deal with GuitarRig?

I can’t remember the last time I read a user guide for any product I’ve bought.  I mean, I have to be really desperate to pull that thing out.  My wife thinks I’m nuts, but I just like to poke around and figure out how something works on my own.  That’s how I learn.  So, I’m not surprised there are new TriplePlay users who can’t figure out why they’re not hearing anything coming out of the audio channel on TriplePlay.  This is the first channel in the TriplePlay software, to the left of the synth channels, which has GuitarRig loaded in many of our Fishman factory patches (the sounds that come with TriplePlay if you install our partner software).  Another related question is, “Why do I get a screaming high pitched feedback whenever I go to certain patches?”

TriplePlay Preferences Setup For Traditional Guitar

In our TriplePlay literature we call the sound that comes from your magnetic pickups on your electric guitar “traditional guitar” audio.  That is what this first mixer channel in your TriplePlay software is for.  But, this audio is not transferred from your guitar to the TP software with the wireless setup. That wireless tripleplay transmitter and receiver are only for MIDI information.  If you want to get traditional audio into your computer, you need to do it by plugging your guitar’s traditional output into an input on your computer.  What should you use for an input?  Well, for best sound, I’d suggest some type of analog to computer audio interface.  If you hope to record more than MIDI and guitar on your computer, consider a small interface like these ones that allow you to plug in a microphone, as well.

Once you have an audio interface (and you could just plug into your computer’s input port -usually 1/8?- with an adapter if you didn’t want to spring for a $100 interface), you can plug your guitar into the computer.  Go to preferences in the pull-down menus and specify which input you want to use for your traditional guitar audio.  This is where the screaming feedback question comes in from above.  The default input for your traditional guitar audio, especially on many laptops, may be set as the internal microphone in your computer.  So, you have a microphone going through a bunch of guitar effects and outputting through a speaker right next to the microphone.  Anyone who has stuck a vocal mic in front of a monitor speaker knows what that sound like.  Ouch.

So, if you’re not using traditional audio input, either because you’re only interested in MIDI, or because you’re plugging into a terrestrial guitar amp on stage, then just turn off the audio input in your preferences so you don’t have to worry about feedback on any of the patches where the audio channel is active and unmuted.

If you want to know more about it, and don’t want to poke around in the user guide, we have a specific tutorial that relates to setting up your traditional guitar audio:Tutorial #2.  It is worth checking out all the tutorials.  They can be found along with the rest of the TriplePlay documentation here: TriplePlay tutorials, FAQ and documentation


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