TriplePlay Software Updates

TriplePlay Software Updates

In the Current TriplePlay Release section below, you will find the latest release of the TriplePlay Software. Should the unlikely need arise, we have also provided older versions for your convenience. Please Note: Loading older software versions over current installations may result in the loss of data, i.e. patches. For best performance, we recommend that you always use the latest software version.

Current Version

TriplePlay v1.4.177 is now live!

The TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Guitar Controller comes complete with all the software you’ll need for recording, editing and playing back your music. Take full advantage of powerful MIDI features with your guitar. With the easy and blazingly fast note encoding, preset editor and mixing console, you’ll be mixing your own music in no time.

TriplePlay 1.4.177 Features:

  • TriplePlay now works with Mac OS Catalina*
  • Added support allowing the TriplePlay Wireless firmware to work cross-platform with the iOS Connect app and the TriplePlay Mac/PC software.
  • Added feature where the software now supports the TriplePlay Connect controller. This includes firmware updates, FC-1 support, and a display of “Controller type” in “About TriplePlay” window.
  • Added support for new features “Monitor hand position” and “Open String Tuning” which work together. The settings are available on the Preferences window (and also in the Connect iOS app for iPad). When you turn on the feature “Monitor hand position”, the TriplePlay controller uses the settings from “Open String Tuning” to try to estimate your hand position based on the detected pitches. Then it can filter out “ghost” notes that it calculates are not reachable from the current estimated hand position. This is particularly helpful when strumming chords. If you use two-handed tapping, or move around on the neck very rapidly you might want to turn this feature off, otherwise it might inhibit notes that you intend to play.
  • New firmware for TriplePlay Wireless firmware version 2.50 and Connect firmware version 1.36 re-enable fast-tracking for high strings
  • New FC-1 firmware supports the choice of using FC-1 in “Standalone Mode” with Hardware Patches when connected to a USB host and *not* running Fishman software. For example you can create Hardware Patches using this software, which are stored in the controller, then connect to FC-1, and connect FC-1 to any Mac, Windows, iOS, Android etc. and use the Hardware Patch list. Note that once you run our software the FC-1 will switch to “Software Host Mode” and features will be controlled by that software.
  • Now plugin version supports externally generated MIDI controls; previously this feature worked only in standalone software.
  • Added right-click feature to allow Patch Library uninstall from Patches window. You must install one or more East-West library to see this option; it does not apply to the Factory Patches.
  • Added feature where up and down arrows on the keyboard allow you to step through library patches.
  • Added feature where there is now MIDI control over the mixer levels. Now MIDI CC 110-115 controls the 6 channel strips. You can use this with an external MIDI footswitch to mute/unmute channels, or an external continuous control pedal to ride levels.
  • Added feature where most external MIDI controller messages (such as mod wheel) received by the software on MIDI channel 9 are duplicated to all channels, thus allowing easier control of multi-channel combis. True for FC-1 MIDI input and selected “Foot Pedal MIDI Input” on Preferences window.
  • If you are installing for the first time, make sure to follow the following install order for the easiest installation path:
    1. Install SampleTank*
    2. Install Kontact
    3. Install TriplePlay
    4. EastWest MIDI Guitar Series
    There have been a number of reports that after updating the TriplePlay Mac/PC software to v1.4.177 and updating the TriplePlay Wireless firmware, the controller stops functioning correctly. We have identified the issue and have a very simple solution.


    Navigate to the Options/Preferences Menu and ‘click/toggle’ the “Monitor Hand Position” check box On/Off. This action will reset the values in the controller and your controller will begin functioning correctly.

    *IK Multimedia’s Sampletank 3 is no longer supported in TriplePlay. If you are having trouble installing Sampletank 3 with TriplePlay, please contact IKMultimedia’s customer support. As well as no longer being supported in TriplePlay, Sampletank 3 does not have Catalina support, and though we have support for TriplePlay in Catalina, other plugins that do not support Catalina may not work in TriplePlay as well. We advise that you check that all of your other plugins have Catalina support before upgrading to Catalina.

    WINDOWS (114MB) MAC (133MB)
    TriplePlay 1.4.177 | TP Firmware: 2.50
    TriplePlay v1.4 is compatible with Windows 7 and above, and OS X 10.8 and above

Older Versions

1.4.106 | TP Firmware: 2.33/1.85 | FC-1 Firmware: v1.5
TriplePlay v1.4 is compatible with Windows 7 and above, and OS X 10.8 and above

TriplePlay v1.4 (BETA)
TP Firmware: 2.31/1.85 | FC-1 Firmware: v1.03
TriplePlay v1.4 is compatible with Windows 7 and above, and OS X 10.8 and above
This version supports the FC-1 TriplePlay accessory

TriplePlay v1.2.3672

TriplePlay v1.2.3647

TriplePlay v1.1.3426

TriplePlay v1.1.3211